CoDE-13 Event Information

Following the success of the Denver Dark Arts Festivals of the past, Colorado Dark Expo 2013 (CoDE-13) provides an annual showcase for local talent to come together and celebrate the darker side of music, art, and life. It will feature live music, DJs, artists, designers, stylists, performances, food, vendors and dancing.
This is a celebration of the surreal, dark, twisted, and eccentric. Each presenter in this festival has volunteered their time, talents, creativity and energy. Proceeds will benefit the following non-profit organizations that provide services for homeless and gay youth: Urban Peak (Denver and Colorado Springs), Rainbow Alley (Denver), Inside Out Youth Services (Colorado Springs), and DenverPIQUE (Denver).
Urban Peak
Rainbow Alley
Inside Out Youth Services
Colorado Dark Expo 2013

SUNDAY, APRIL 28th, 2013

Festival    (Noon – 8pm)
Dance    (8pm – Midnight)

18-20    $15 presale / $20 day of show
21+     $10 presale / $15 day of show

Tracks Nightclub

3500 Walnut Street, Denver, CO

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A Full-Day Festival of the Surreal, Dark, Twisted and Eccentric

CoDE-13 DOORS & Vendor Market Opens (8 DJs and 15 Vendors throughout the day)
1PM – 2PM
Plasmacrash, Offering to Oden, Faded Freakshow, Autum Flaunt’ Em
2PM – 3PM
Toothgnasher, Noh Rox Gehenna, Faded Freakshow, Annabellee, Pearl Derriere
3PM – 4PM
Hypofixx, Runae Moon, Probe, Dangerous Theater, Taletha Al Badr
4PM – 5PM
Aeon Crush, Dr. Death & Mr. Vile, Faded Freakshow, Annabellee, Dangerous Theater
5PM – 6PM
Synapse, Eloquent, Faded Freakshow, Lucy LaRue, Nadja Tizer, Taletha Al Badr
6PM – 7PM
Siren Project, Fashion Show, Faded Freakshow, Pearl Derriere, Autumn Flaunt ‘Em
7PM – 8PM
Faces Under The Mirror, Faded Freakshow, Lucy LaRue
8PM – 9PM
Fiction 8
Dance featuring Starr, Gustavo, Ritual, and On.Dre